The Feasts Unlocked
A Practical Understanding of God's Holy Days

by Allan R. Aguirre

310 pages
ISBN 978-0-9991300-0-1

Every year the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob invites you on a journey; a seven-month journey of deliverance, repentance, and redemption. Starting each Spring with our deliverance from Egypt - to our repentance of "At-One-ment" - through the redemption of His rest and the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. This is the amazing Journey from Exodus to Ingathering! Will you join Him?....

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Allan R. Aguirre

Allan Aguirre has over 30 years experience working with many of Contemporary and Modern Christian Music's biggest names.

An accomplished and published songwriter, recording and touring artist, producer, speaker, writer and entrepreneur, many consider Mr. Aguirre one of the most influential alternative Christian artists.

Allan serves as overseer of Chameleon Church, a gathering of non-denominational / Spirit-filled Believers of the Way. Established in the scriptural roots of the faith and advocating the One New Man (Eph. 2), Chameleon Church is partnered with the Glory of Zion International Ministries out of Corinth, TX, and is recognized as a “House of Zion” for the purposes of fellowship, worship, training and ministry.

Mr. Aguirre's speaking engagements focus on challenging Christians to adhere to the biblical definition of their identity in Christ and their biblical role as a Royal Priesthood.

Allan and his wife, Cristina, have three children and four grandchildren.

To book a speaking engagement with Mr. Aguirre, email us at

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We offer two versions of "The Feasts Unlocked":

The “Practical Understanding” version - 310 pgs - $16.99:
The Feasts Unlocked takes a practical approach to the apologetics, historicity and scriptural significance of Leviticus 23, their understanding, observance, and role in Modern Christianity. This version contains the exhaustive spiritual significance of these instructions and how to observe them. Purchase your copy here.

The “Practical 'How To'” version - Abridged - 160 pgs - $11.99:
If you’re interested in simply the significance of the Feasts and the practical "how to" of their observance, get the “How To” version.

Along with our interactive online courses that delve deeper into the impact the Feasts have on our lives, we also offer "The Feasts Unlocked - Workbook" ($9.99). A great companion piece to either version, this Workbook will also assist pastors, home church leaders, bible study groups, etc., in teaching others the yearly cycle of the Biblical Feasts. Bible study groups, large and small, will appreciate coupling the Workbook with the “How To” version for students while utilizing the “Practical Understanding” version as a teaching guide for group leaders.

Needless to say, we are more than excited to get these resources into your hands!!


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Looking for more than just a good book to read? We're offering three initial bundles tailored for individuals, Pastors, and/or Small Group Leaders, respectively. Our Standard Pack includes our Workbook companion piece for a deeper experience into your Journey from Exodus to Ingathering. Our Small Group 6 Pack is perfect for equipping small groups or Bible studies of six or less. Includes an online mentoring session for group leaders! (Contact us for larger Group Packs). And finally, our Mastery Pack. Along with a personal online mentoring session, delve deeper into the impact the Feasts have on our personal, family, community and professional lives with our Online Mastery Courses. Close to 10 hours of unlocking the significance of Leviticus 23 utilizing the whole counsel of scripture!
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Standard Pack
  • "Practical Understanding" Copy
  • Workbook
  • Digital Resources
  • PDF Version
  • Personal Leader Mentoring Session (Online)
  • Online Mastery Courses (6 Sessions)
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Small Group 6 Pack
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Mastery Pack
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The Feasts Unlocked